Hello MSF Friends,

We just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the amazing messages of support we have been receiving and are still receiving following the airing of ‘The Briefcase’ Channel 9 show last night.

It was an amazing positive experience for our whole family. Today and over this coming week we are being interviewed my media, to discuss why we made the decision we did. Interviewers are also keen know what’s next for Mem’s Soul Food.

As I told the reporters today, Mem’s Soul Food saves lives. Mem’s Soul Food stops girls from self-destructive behaviours and habits. Mem’s Soul Food reunites family relationships. These outcomes are more important to us than any amount of money.

When Troy and I made the decision to give 50/50 to Kevin & Honey it was a hard decision. We were over $50,000 in debt, built up from using our own money to fund our charity, and knew that giving half of the money away meant that we were not going to have any money left to support Mem’s Soul Food charity.

Amazingly, Kevin & Honey so generously gave us $25,000 which we directed towards Mem’s Soul Food to help structure the organisation to continue our work.

We will soon be embarking on the Mem’s Soul Food Australian Tour and Clubs NSW have generously decided that they will provide all the venues through their clubs around Australia starting in NSW, to support Mem’s Soul Food.

But we are still at a crucial point financially with Mem’s Soul Food and needing ongoing donations and funding to reach more girls and families across Australia. We’d love to take this opportunity to thank those who have kindly pledged money through our crowdfunding site at GO FUND ME… You are helping to change lives.

We are so ready for the next amazing stage of the MSF journey and we will continue to share our story every step of the way. Love Mem & Troy xo

Thanks to Channel 9 and The Briefcase for giving us this incredible opportunity.