MSF Recipes To Life Program for Girls 2013
“Dear Mem, they say that all great Change is preceded by chaos, but amidst all that chaos, there was one constant, the one thing that gives you the strength to survive all the chaos, that constant is HOPE that HOPE is YOU. Thank you for giving Brookie and myself the support we both needed at a time in our lives when chaos seemed to be the only constant, and Change unattainable. What you did for us means everything to me. THANK YOU”
Michael Hitchens
MSF Recipes To Life Program for Girls 2013
“Before we met Mem we lived with attempts of suicide, self harming, overdoses and constant visits to hospital. We lived in constant worry of how far this would go and it was a struggle for the family to live with everyday and it was heartbreaking to see my daughter go through the constant pain … and we felt helpless.
Then we met Mem, who invited us to join Mem’s Soul Food with other girls in similar situations. Mem you took all of these girls under your wing, you showed them there is more to life and to get out and enjoy it, to deal with things in a different way, you made these girls stronger, you made our daughter smile again, which we hadn’t seen for so long and when she is happy it made us happier as a family unit which had started to fall apart and we were walking on egg shells constantly.
Your welcoming, your love and kind nature really did help so many of these girls and their families and you should be so proud of your achievement and hard work that you put in to help these girls because it is very much appreciated.
You helped us to never give up and to keep moving forward and know with the unconditional love we had for each other was the most important thing and in time things would get better..
We will always be grateful for everything you did and you will always be in our hearts as you are such an inspiration Mem”
Sonia Hestelow
MSF Recipes To Life Program for Girls 2013
“My daughter became involved in the second season of MSF, through a recommendation from her school, due to issues she was having and causing. I wasn’t really sure how the course would help her because at home she seemed ‘fine’ which is why i didn’t understand her need to cause issues at school. Throughout the course Mem showed her that someone was willing to listen, which in turn, gave her the confidence to talk and learn that she was not alone. This carried on at home. She started talking to us more, and we learnt more about our daughter and the troubles she had faced and what she was currently going through. If it hadn’t been for MSF, I can honestly say, I don’t know if our family would be so close and communicating so well. The fact that she can now come to us, on her own, about ANYTHING, is amazing. We have a better relationship with our daughter than we could have ever imagined and we definitely have Mem and her MSF course to thank for that xoxox”
Leanne Hutchinson
Recipes To Life Program For Girls 2013
“My name is Michelle and my daughter Millie attended the MSF Recipes To Life Program For Girls in 2013. As a family we were struggling…BIG TIME!! Millie wasn’t communicating with us and trying to distance herself from family life, but we could tell she was suffering and screaming on the inside, which was heartbreaking to watch. All we wanted was for her to feel normal. Everything suffered…our lives, her school work and our sanity. After the first few weeks of starting the MSF program we could see a MASSIVE shift in attitude from Millie and the confidence and maturity that she was showing was amazing. As a family I felt the pressure was beginning to lift!! We were able to communicate so much more with Millie and we have never felt more together as a family. Life for her and us is more meaningful and we have MSF to thank for that. We’ll all be eternally grateful xx”
Michelle Hammond

Confidence. Self-respect. Appreciation. All key ingredients that are used in the recipes of Mem’s soul food.
Mem’s Soul Food has transformed the lives of many young girls through its Recipe’s to Life Program. Below is some past feedback of those who have been a part of our programs.

“It’s not just food. It’s about feeding that thing inside them”

– local community member